Creative writing and singing


We want to inspire the world through creative music and enable all people to create something new together. We write, sing and listen to songs on the most important topics of mankind:

  • Love
  • Liberty
  • Nature
  • Hope
  • Faith

You have never done anything like that before? No problem! The GiveMeFive app, the lyrics workshops and the individual coaching help you by dividing the song creation into many small steps.

GiveMeFive is divided into three areas:

  • A) Lyricist/singer app "GiveMeFive"
  • B) Workshops and coaching from the lyrics to the music video
  • C) Events (slams, concerts, karaoke evenings, etc.)

A) App "GiveMeFive"

With GiveMeFive you create your song simply in 5 steps:

  1. You give 5 words and a mood to it
  2. Everyone writes a text out of the words in that mood
  3. You choose the music playback and 5 texts
  4. Everyone writes lyrics out of it
  5. Everyone can sing the song

Of course, you can freely decide which steps you want to take part in. Download the app and try it out. For each app page, I've created a short tutorial video that you can reach via the question mark at the top right.

B) Workshops and Coaching

During the workshops and the individual coaching (in person or via webcam) you will be supported from the first idea to the final song. There is absolutely no prior knowledge required. We all speak and write every day and listen to music. That's enough to write your own song. If desired, you can then record your song in the recording studio and make a music video or we will find a singer for you.

Here are the first GiveMeFive music videos for the songs "Das Signal" (The signal) and "Traum" (Dream):

C) Events

We want to bring together lyricists, musicians and singers and regularly organize creative events such as newcomer poetry slams, concerts and karaoke evenings. Simply register via our contact form below for our newsletter.


Workshops and events take place in a cozy Dominican bar in the heart of Hamburg, outside the regular opening hours.


Curious? Then request without obligation further information to the areas that interest you.

Colmado Dominicano
Alter Steinweg 11
20459 Hamburg

Schmüserstraße 25
22041 Hamburg

0176 44489396

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